The Future of Your PTA or PTO

PTO Future

Cloud Enabled Transformation

The World is going through a period of epic change on how we interact and collaborate via the web.

Cloud Applications are transforming our schools in more ways than one, dramatically improving the way data is shared and communicated across school communities.

Towards this end, the future of your PTA and  PTO cannot fall behind on the various activities they provide which enhances the value of our schools. If you’d want to make your PTA or PTO more efficient, you need to automate the various tasks below and move them to the latest ,secure and robust cloud based technology.

Various PTA/PTO Tasks

  • Maintaining Committee Lists, Chair Lists, Teacher Lists & Event Lists
  • Create Student Directories
  • Allow for Committee Signups
  • Allow for various  Event Signups
  • Allow for Membership Signups, E-Cards & Membership Directory
  • Collecting Payments
  • Tracking your Fundraisers, Income & Expenses
  • Maintaining the Books & Finances
  • Maintaining various groups for Email Communication to Parents, Teachers, Chairpersons
  • Managing your documents like Newsletters, Meeting Minutes etc

Multiple Solutions Vs Single Solution

Most of the  Volunteers have no prior experience in any of these tasks and have to balance their personal responsibilities with the responsibilities of learning the new tasks.

There is paper and there is software tools quickly put together by vendors or sometimes a combination of both.
There are so many to choose from that it seems chaotic to the already overwhelmed PTA volunteers.

Moving to the cloud does not mean signing up for various software services and pay for and learn how to use multiple different services.

Nor does it mean continuing to use paper or outdated technology which is not responsive to on Mobile or Tablets and is not adaptive.

Also do you want to keep up with the login , passwords and changes for all these different sites
for different parent volunteers.

Would it not make sense to combine all these services into 1 easy to use Single PTA or PTO platform which is superior in technology, works on any devices and that costs less than the cost of just 1 of these services.

Imagine the time & effort saved on training & transition. Also make it much easier for any volunteer to learn any manage any new tasks.

The choice is simple..

Continue with the manual efforts, sign up and figure out how to use and pay for multitude of services,
or sign up and use 1 that does it all.

Better, Simpler and more cost effectively without the chaos.
So make your PTA or PTO  more efficient, more successful

You want something simple, yet very powerful to get your PTA organized and keep it that way year after year.


My School on the Cloud is the Future of Your PTA or PTO’s Cloud Based Technology.

Here’s some of the few ways how My School on the Cloud will take you to the next level…

Connecting All Volunteers on the Cloud

One of the major advantages of My School on the Cloud  is that they can bring together data pools that were previously unconnected. This gives board members and volunteers everything they need in one spot.

Leverage Your Cloud Data

For Example…through Student Directory you receive parents emails. The groups are automatically formed when the Student Directory is created and the email groups will always remain updated. No need of cumbersome Yahoo / Gmail Groups. In a similar way, you can leverage committee lists, chairperson lists & event Lists.

Event/Volunteer Signups

No need of third party sign up tools which do not cater to the PTA or PTO. Easy templates for various Events. If you cannnot find one, you can easily create your own. Below are a few examples.

  • Committee Signups
  • Moms & Muffins,
  • Dads & Donuts
  • Talent Show Signups
  • Reflections Signups
  • Donations

Click here for more on the Free Volunteer/Event Signup.

Online Membership

Much like student directories, Membership can be costly to maintain both in terms of time & money. Just a online link to Membership signup should not be enough. The Membership directory should be instantly updated, Parents should be able to display/print their Membership cards. Also the system should instantly know how much money is collected at any point in time so fraud is extremely difficult. With a single software option, all updates are available in real time with no printing expenses.

Click here for more on the Membership Feature

Connected Accounting System designed just for the PTA/PTO

If your PTA/PTO made any kind of software purchase in the past, it may have been for financial software. Quicken is a popular choice, but it can run $300-$400 and can be complex to use.  For that kind of money, you’re missing out on functionality and spending more than you need to. Off the shelf accounting systems are cumbersome as they not designed specifically for non profit PTA’s and it is not connected as they all happen to be designed for the broad market.

Click here for more on the Advanced Financial Accounting System for PTA’s & PTO’s

Free for New PTA’s or PTO’s

If your PTA or PTO is newly formed and  cannot afford it, then it is free until your PTA or PTO can afford it.

(Edit: The service is completely free for all now)


If you are currently using software for certain functions and do not want to spend money  on another software system, then don’t. You can use My School on The Cloud free until you feel that you definitely need to replace your existing software and bring more value to your processes. We guarantee you that you will not only like our state of the art system, but you will also see the tremendous value it will bring to your PTA or PTO.

My School of the Cloud was developed by Parents for the Parent Volunteers for the betterment of our schools and kids. We will keep on improving it, adding features, providing value  and keeping pace with the future technology.

Ready To Take Your PTA/PTO to The Next Level?

See how My School on the Cloud is transforming PTA and PTO’s across the country.

Take a minute and sign up for a free trial right here – let us know what you think!

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