Tips On How To Increase Your PTA/PTO Membership

A friend helps a person join a company club team or other group.

Being on the PTA/PTO  board at your child’s school is not an easy task. Not only do you volunteer your free time to inform other parents of what’s happening with the school, but you also have to spend time rallying behind the PTA’/PTO’s mission and goals so that other parents will want to join and contribute. But at the end of the day, it can be very rewarding for many parents who like to have a hands-on approach to the child’s education and environment.

While the administrative tasks are fairly easy (especially with a useful tool like, many  board members struggle with increasing PTA/PTO Membership. More members means more dues, which can further the  goals for that given school year. Many think that by joining the PTA/PTO, they’ll have to carve out time from their already limited schedule and don’t want to bother. But what many parents and prospects fail to realize is that it hardly takes up any time and it only requires a small fee that will in turn go and help change and improve the lives of their children at the school.

Many board members fail to think outside of just the school and don’t look towards the community as possible members and supporters. Business leaders and local civil governments should be encouraged to join your school’s PTA/PTO  to help broaden its members to include those in the community.

A PTA/PTO’s mission is to improve the lives of the school’s students, with books, playground equipment, tech and more, and by increasing membership, your board will be able to reach all of its goals by the end of the school year. So if you’re having trouble increasing your school’s PTA/PTO membership, here are some helpful tips on how to boost membership:

1. PTA/PTO Marketing campaigns

The best way to spread the word about your PTA/PTO and its efforts is to market it with special campaigns in your school. Create marketing material that highlights the many projects that your PTA/PTO has done in the past and then talk about the projects you have on the schedule for this year. Always emphasize that joining the PTA/PTO does not require a time commitment and list the benefits or perks offers its members. Advertise local places where members receive discounts and a try to create your marketing materials in multiple languages that best reflect your community.

2. Link up with local business

Once you have all your marketing materials, it’s time to go searching for local businesses you can link up with. Host a special PTA/PTO  day and be on site to talk to potential members about your PTA/PTO and the benefits it provides to the School Children. Have marketing material handy to pass out and leave some behind for future members to take. Also ask for them to display supportive PTA/PTO messages or notices of important PTA/PTO meetings and events in their shop.

3. Grassroots marketing

On weekends or after school, place a manned PTA/PTO table outside of local stores that get a lot of traffic, such as grocery stores, restaurants and the like to pass out information on your prospects. Do the same at any local sporting events and in front of your school’s gym during a game. You can even go door-to-door in local neighborhoods to pass out marketing material on your PTA/PTO board.

4.’Join PTA/PTO’  Reminders

Whether it is your Website or Newsletters, make sure you write or post regular articles about Membership to get the word out to the parents.

5. Get On The Cloud

Get these 3 tasks dealing with Membership on the cloud whether it is Membership Signups or printing Membership E-cards or maintaining Membership Directory. Not only it makes access easy and available at all times for current and future members, but it makes managing these tasks for the Membership chairs way better.

Here’s how My School on the Cloud can help you with your Memberships…

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Check the example of Membership Signup link









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Membership Overview


With time parents will see the value of their organization and lend support to it .

With time, you’ll be able to grow your membership and with membership you will have more volunteers and subsequently  the funds needed to make a real change in your child’s school and education!

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