Manage And Run The Reflections Program With Free Cloud Based Software


The new school year is well underway and many school PTA boards everywhere are gearing up for an eventful and productive year. As many boards get into the swing of things,  Reflections Chairs & Volunteers are trying find a systematic and convenient way of  managing and running this art program easily,

Instead of using the old method of creating an Excel sheet,   My School on the Cloud ‘s Reflections Module offers a much easier way to organize and store the information for the Reflections contest. Once you try it, you’ll never want to go back to your regular spreadsheets and paper and wonder why you never used it sooner!

The Reflections module, a software feature of My School On The Cloud is free for any school  that runs a art contest for school children.

Here are some ways this particular feature of My School on the Cloud will make life and organization of the contest so much easier for the  Reflections Chairpersons…

1. You can send out a invitational link with a Event Signup form or embed it on your website to create awareness and find out how many of the students will be participating.

 (Click on the link below  to see the Event Signup form example)


2. After you receive the Reflections entries, you can enter the student details and their entry information in the Reflections Module

PTA Reflections Entry

3. You can print or display a summary report or  a graph of the entries your entered to know how many students have participated.



4. You can use the Email Blast feature to thank all your  Reflections Participants.

No need of maintaining Reflection participants email groups as the groups are automatically formed when the initial entry information is entered.



5. After the entries are judged, you can update the judges scores and the places of your participants in the Reflections Module

Also update whenever you receive the Regional, State & National Winners.

If you want to showcase the artwork along with the winners list, you can embed a link to the artwork.PTA Reflections Scores

6. You can showcase the winning entries on your website or send the link to the Reflections Participants

(Click on the link below to check out an example)


7. You can send a Email with the link just to the Reflections Participants to communicate the list of Regional, State or National Place Winners

PTA Reflections Winners List

8. You can send a Award Ceremony Invitation using the form in the Event Signup Module.


9. The previous years Reflections Entry Showcase of the various arts with links to the art work remains in the Database and you can start again for the new year.
Let the artwork continue to be inspiration to the new participantsFilmproduction


Visual Arts Example

10. Click below for a video overview of the Reflections module

Reflections Overview


And best of all, the above Software Features are free for managing the Reflections Program

The Reflections software features are available for free for educational purposes and promoting the arts in our schools exclusively from  With this module a Reflections Arts Administrator can have their Reflections program running smoothly for its duration.

All the other features will be available for a month for a free trial.

Sign up here and see how My School on the Cloud makes it all easier for you.

Make sure you select ‘Reflections Only’ when you sign up, if you just looking for software to run your Reflections Program.




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