How you can overcome your PTA or PTO Challenges?

It’s the start of a new school year for kids, but it’s also a new year for PTA/PTO boards, as parents and teachers gear up to start discussing new issues pertaining to their children and their education. As a PTA board member, it’s important to take the role seriously to offer the children as much support on their educational journey. The PTA is more than just about bake sales and phone trees – it’s about caring enough for your children and their education to do as much as possible to support them. Even though a PTA board position is a volunteer one, as parents, it can still be overwhelming trying to facilitate and lead other parents in school functions, events and activities.

Being a parent is a full-time job in itself and you don’t need anything to complicate it. Yet so many dedicated parents devote themselves and their time to creating a better educational environment for their children by participating on the PTA board. Here are a few ways using an automated software like My School On The Cloud can help PTA volunteers and their individual tasks much easier:


1. Documents/Data All In One Place

With so many people on a PTA board, files and documents can easily be misplaced. One person will have one copy and another will have a totally revised one and no one will be able to find the original. With My School On The Cloud, all of your board’s important documents are in one, secure place so that the documents/data can easily be accessed by everyone so that nothing is lost or misplaced. You can upload things like meeting minutes, newsletters, various forms and so much more!

2. Role-Based Security

To make sure that people only have access to what they need, the software features role-based security. The moderator or PTA president can assign various roles to various people based on their position or role so that they can only access certain things.


PTA/PTO Security

3. Form Templates

As parents, you don’t have a lot of time to try and design things like volunteer or event signup sheets, so the automated software already has beautiful forms that you can use based on your specific event. You can totally customize them to how you need them and more. Creating volunteer signups is now easier than ever!


4. Role-Based Functions

The great thing about My School On The Cloud is that it makes tasks a lot easier for any PTA role. PTA/PTO President can easily create committee lists, chair lists and event lists, while the directory administrator can create an online student directory in a few simple steps! The PTO treasurer will benefit from the special finance manager in the software, while all parents will be able to sign up for committee using the innovative software.

5. Create Email Groups

Long gone are the days of having to figure out who’s who and what group they belong in since My School On The Cloud allows you to create various parent groups and then communicate with each group via email. You simply select which group you want to email and that’s it! Email blasts are easy to do and are an effective way to communicate with parents on all issues.

PTA/PTO Email Communcation

6. User Friendly

The best thing about myschoolonthecloud is that it’s user friendly. There’s no learning curve, which means you can start using it the minute you sign up! The various modules are easy to learn for users at all levels and for those having any trouble, there are various e-learning video modules that make it easy to understand.

If you’re ready to have a smoother school year, you need to sign up for My School on the Cloud! As PTA/PTO board members, this volunteer role shouldn’t be a stressful one and with the help of this software it won’t. It’s just $25 per month for all of its features and if your PTA/PTO revenues are less than $6,000 then it’s completely free to use. Try it for free today and find out how to have a stress-free school year!

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