A Quick Checklist towards Better PTA Management

PTA/PTO Checlist

Let’s Start…

Does your PTA print a Student Directory?




Would you prefer a..


Is your Committee or Chairperson list still in a spreadsheet or paper?




Would you prefer a…

  • Online Committee Directory
  • Online Chair Directory
  • Easy Updates
  • Easy Distribution


Can Volunteers easily sign up?



Would you prefer …


How do your Volunteers log their time?


Would you prefer …


How do you manage various Event Signup Forms ?



Would you prefer to…


How do you want to increase your PTA Membership?



Would you prefer …


How easy is your current accounting system ? 



Would you prefer an Accounting System…

  • Designed just for the Non Profit PTA Organization
  • Any volunteer can easily work on it
  • Access Financial Reports anytime
  • Graphs
  • Treasurer’s Dashboard


Board Member, How about a Bird’s Eye view of your PTA ? 



Would you prefer to..

  • Access all the reports at any point of time
  • Have information at your fingertips
  • Export it to PDF, Word or Excel easily
  • No Cumbersome Email Lists
  • Communicate easily with Chairs, Volunteers & Parents
  • Distribute information easily


Reflections Administrator, How about less chaos ?




Can you easily store, showcase, download documents/forms ?



Would you prefer to..


Board Member, Can you delegate tasks at the click of a button? 


  • Would you prefer to have such a capability.


 Chairpersons, can  you transition your tasks at the click of a button? 



  •   Would you prefer to have such a capability in digital form.

 Can you easily integrate functionality with your website ?



  • Integrate Volunteer Forms
  • Integrate Various Event Forms
  • Integrate Membership Signup
  • Integrate the documents.

 Do you want an easy answer to all your question  above?

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