6 Areas of Your PTA or PTO Budget That Can Be Trimmed

PTO Budget

As a member of your PTA or PTO, you want to spend time doing things that make a difference for your school. Paperwork and organizational tasks are necessary, but they can be expensive and time consuming. The expense of managing separate software programs and buying lots of paper can really cut into your budget. That’s why a single digital solution is something to strongly consider.

Take a look at these situations and think about how your PTA or PTO budget could benefit.

1. Student Directory

Take your student population, multiply it by the printing costs for several pieces of paper, and you have costly student directories. With an online software solution, each family can login to the directory and have access to the most current information every time. Even if you print a few hard copies for families without internet access, your savings will be in the hundreds of dollars overall.

2. Distribution of Lists, Minutes, and Reports 

Compared to a student directory, list distribution may not seem like such an expense. But consider your regular monthly meetings, additional meetings leading up to special events, meeting minutes, and mailed newsletters. That is a lot of money spend on paper, postage, and copying. Imagine the cost savings of those items being handled with a software solution instead.

3. Membership

Much like student directories, Membership can be costly to maintain both in terms of time & money. Just a online link to Membership signup should not be enough. The Membership directory should be instantly updated, Parents should be able to display/print their Membership cards. Also the system should instantly know how much money is collected at any point in time so fraud is extremely difficult. With a single software option, all updates are available in real time with no printing expenses.

4. Volunteer Sign-ups/Logs & Event Signups

Just like Membership Signups, just having some fields on the website to capture volunteer information should not be enough. The volunteer information should be instantly stored in the database, so the executive board can instantly know who signed up.  Also sending paper forms for various Event Signups along with the Students for every PTA/PTO event can be expensive, time consuming and labor intensive. There is flood of signup software in the market. But none of them really cater to the PTO or PTA as they are too generic. Either they cost too much or you have to deal with the ads.

5. Financial Software 

If your PTO made any kind of software purchase in the past, it may have been for financial software. Quicken is a popular choice, but it can run $300-$400 and can be complex to use.  For that kind of money, you’re missing out on functionality and spending more than you need to. There are other crude solutions out there, but they were never designed for the cloud or the PTA or PTO in mind. An integrated cloud software solution can give you a better bang for your buck and better overall efficiency.

6. Email Systems

Like financial software, stand-alone email systems can add expense to your budget. Costing an average of $100-$200, these systems can do only one thing and aren’t cost-effective. And you still have to manually manage the email groups. Just think what else you can do for your school with that money and time.

Using a comprehensive software solution can streamline all of those issues and save you a bundle of money in the process and improve your PTA or PTO Budget. Having all of those functions in one place makes it much easier to focus on the business of running great projects for your school.

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