Consider PTO Software to Solve These Three Common Problems

PTO Common ProblemsParents understand the importance of being involved with their child’s school. Many are eager to help with PTO/PTA projects throughout the year. But they can easily be turned off by a group that seems disorganized or uses time-consuming procedures. To keep parents tuned-in, consider the benefits of using a PTO software program. Take a closer look at these three problems and you’ll see how a digital platform can make a big difference.

Managing and Distributing Lists Is Time Consuming

Volunteering takes time and many parents are willing to give it to a cause they believe in. Plenty of work goes on behind the scenes to make a project or event take place. Unfortunately, many PTO and PTA groups spend way too much time trying to update, separate, and distribute lists to various committees.
If you’ve been in this boat, you know all too well the frustration that comes with managing that much information with several people. Committee chairs can waste a lot of time tracking people down and making changes manually.
A better choice is to use a digital solution. Changes on committee lists can be handled in a single online action. Any list can be updated and shared from one location. This means information is handled fewer times, changes are made in real time, and nobody has to be told to throw out old information.

Event Signups Can Be Difficult to Manage and Organize

Let’s say your school holds an annual carnival to raise extra money for each classroom. You could easily have up to ten activities with several shifts to cover during the event. That can add up to many lists with lots of different names, times, and contact information. And more than likely, you would need several people making calls to be sure the spots are all filled. Without a good plan for organization and information management, the person compiling everything together has a lot of work ahead of them.
When you need to get a lot of volunteers prepared for an event, a centralized online signup system can cut down a lot of the frustration. While you still may need callers to get more people involved, having one place for everyone to signup online makes the coordination task much simpler. Signups can be tracked in real time and the coordinator doesn’t spend extra time rewriting lists or pulling all the information together.

Maintaining the Membership Information Is a Tedious Job

The membership directory is the lifeblood of your organization. All the manpower you need to make projects come together is right there. And when it isn’t accurate, you have a big problem. If one person is manually maintaining the full directory, anyone else who needs an update has to get one sent to them. And if you don’t find out about a change for a while, you’re out of the loop.
Fee collection can be equally difficult if being managed by hand. Not only do you need to track the income, all of those updates need to be tracked on the membership directory and transferred to other document. Even if this is being done on someone’s computer spreadsheet, it can only be managed by that person and information transfer can be challenging.
Using a software solution gives you more options cuts down on time spent updating everything. Members who need to see financial data can have viewing access at any time. Even better, members can make their own student directory changes at any time.

PTO Software You Can Try Right Now for Free

Parents want to spend time with PTO organizations that are well-run and look strong. It’s much easier to have a big impact on your school when everything is streamlined and efficient. One of the best ways to achieve this is to use PTO software like My School on the Cloud. It’s a complete PTO management software solution.
You don’t want problems with list management, event signups, and membership directories to be a huge drain on your organization. Sign up for your free trial and start enjoying the benefits of PTO software right now.

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