Role Based Security

  • Your data is kept safe with the highest standards of security on the Web Servers including SSL encryption.
  • The Security Administrator can set up the User IDs and passwords, which every user requires to log in
  • There can be multiple Administrators if required.
  • Access permissions via Roles are assigned to the user IDs to determine which modules the Users have access to. Some Users like the Parents can be set to view only the Student Directory while individual Committee Users can be assigned to manage only certain modules. A Membership chairperson can be assigned to only the Membership module while a Treasurer can be asssigned only to the Finance option
  • You can create 1 user Id for all parents to keep it simple to view only access to the Student Directory or User Ids can be created for all the parents.
  • Passwords  and data requests from the browsers to the data servers are encrypted, keeping all the data secure.





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