Free Cloud Based Volunteer/Event Signup Software For PTA & PTO

volunteer signupVolunteer/Event Signups Can Be Difficult to Manage and Organize 

Let’s say your school holds an annual carnival like May Fair to raise extra money for each classroom. You could easily have up to ten activities with several shifts to cover during the event. That can add up to many lists with lots of different names, times, and contact information. And more than likely, you would need several people making calls to be sure the spots are all filled. Without a good plan for organization and information management, the person compiling everything together has a lot of work ahead of them.

Centralized Online Signup System just for PTA/PTO

When you need to get a lot of volunteers prepared for an event, a centralized online signup system can cut down a lot of the frustration. While you still may need callers to get more people involved, having one place for everyone to signup online makes the coordination task much simpler. Signups can be tracked in real time and the coordinator doesn’t spend extra time rewriting lists or pulling all the information together.

Flexible Templates Allows You To Create Various Kinds of Volunteer Signup & Event Signup Forms

And best of all the My School of The Cloud’s Event Template creator allows you to create your own custom forms. And you can collect any kind of information. The template forms can be created in a couple of minutes.

And  it is Free. There are No Charges at all for using the Volunteer/Event Signup features.

PTA and PTO’s do not have to pay for signup software anymore. And best of all it is designed specifically for PTA and PTO’s.  Unlike other free software we do not display Ads (which compromises the signup information)  or even our logo for that matter. The form will appear to come from your organization. You can embed it within your website or email the link.

Below are examples of some of the signup template forms for various PTA/PTO/School activities. If you click on the live links below you will see for yourself the actual signups forms from the Demo Elementary School account.

May Fair Signup Form


Bingo Night Form


Family Fun Night Form



Moms and Muffins Signup Form


Roller Skating Party Form


Talent Show Form


Donation Form


The Volunteer/Event signup software features are available for free from

All the other features will be available for a month for a free trial.

Sign up here and see how My School on the Cloud makes it all easier for you.

Make sure you select ‘Volunteer/Event Signup Only’ when you sign up, if you just looking for software to use for Volunteer/Event Signups.


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